Configuring HQPlayer Embedded


Downloading and installing packages

Install necessary packages, dependencies for these packages are available in the OS package repository.
Download and install libgmpris (and libsoup3 for Debian Bookworm) packages. And then the hqplayerd package for your distribution.

Package contains example configuration file and documentation as a readme text file.

Downloading and configuring bootable image

Download the hqplayer-embedded image and write the image to a media you plan to use for booting, such as USB memory stick.
Once booted up, you can use the web management interface from another computer using URL "http://hqplayer.local:8088" or login as "root" (no password) from console. Default username for web interface is "hqplayer" and default password is "password". Please change the password as soon as possible, either through the web interface, or from command line using command "hqplayerd -s username password". The image will attempt to appear under name "hqplayer" on the network, but you can also see the obtained IP adress using command "ifconfig", "ip a", or from HQPlayer Client's control panel.
Additional documentation can be found in /usr/share/hqplayer/readme.txt

Currently available overlays on RaspberryPi images